August 10

Zeynep Arman

Based on "Seyler Kitabi" (Book of Things) by Turkish Poet Ilhan Berk, Zeynep Arman explores the understanding we gain of ourselves through objects and how this inspires us to create new things.

Presentation of the residency:
Friday, 27.08, 9 pm
Opening Times:
27.08.10, 7 - 10 pm
28.08 & 29.08, 2 - 6 pm

- - - - - - - -

Workshop & Performance:
Ernesto Estrella Cózar

The Poem as Present
Workshop on Poetry Reading by Ernesto Estrella Cózar
18. & 19.08.10, 6 - 7.30 pm
Out of the word, into the sound
Performance by Ernesto Estrella Cózar
19.07.10, 9 pm

The Poem as Present - Workshop
The Poem as Present asks participants to rethink poetry’s traditional legacy and its aesthetic and social function in the context of other Arts through one specific lens: the act of reading. Its main purpose is to create and develop tools towards a deeper, more radical approach to reading (theoretically and performatively), one that enhances the poem’s capacity to emerge as present in our experience and act upon it. The work along those two levels will expose the participants to new insights on how to read a poem and to an extension of the creative act of poetry writing.
The poems used are from different sources and languages, the workshop is held in English.

Out of the word, into the sound - Performance
This performance investigates through the voice the poetic text’s potential beyond its content and the extension of poetic thought into sound.
The poem becomes a score for the development of an experimental approach to poetry reading that is less concerned with meaning and than with its actual presentation to our senses.
The work of the human voice by itself when confronted with a poetic text is taken as a triggering factor that transforms our perception at different levels. Poems belonging to the Hispanic tradition, a set of images and original poems by the author, and pure sound pieces will be presented during this performance.

Debussy; retrato y sombra (Federico García Lorca)
Trilce XX (César Vallejo)
Esa órbita abierta (Juan Ramón Jiménez)
Achronos (Ernesto Estrella Cózar / Nysos Vasilopoulos)
Horizon (Ernesto Estrella Cózar - to Lidochka)
Hypnosis (Ernesto Estrella Cózar - to Mike Tyson)

Sound Sample: Horizon-ErnestoEstrellaCorzar.mp3